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This site is maintained for present (A Co.) and past members of  The 92nd Aviation Company, US Army Reserves, The Hookers. Our purpose is to establish and maintain a place where unit members and families can keep in contact with each other and honor those who served and remember what we did. Hookers avoided the ordinary and excelled when taking on the impossible. Our accumulated flying hours, our unique and challenging missions we sought out and safety record remains unsurpassed. It will be a very long time before any Chinook unit can make such claims!  We will announce future reunions and solicit input on what you would like to see and do at future gatherings.

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Mike Carney


Once in a lifetime you get to work with a person like Mike. He will be missed. He passed away on June 8th in Kilgore Texas. We have so many great memories and stories of his time on Mount Rainier and especially working with the Hookers.

Rest in Peace my friend